Termite Cribs

termtietubesCTADid you know that termites can be located in your yard, foundation or furniture as well as your walls?

While certain termites may live in your home, some like the subterranean termite may prefer to live under or beside your home.

Subterranean termites create massive nests that can span 340 feet! There are large “rooms” called galleries connected by a tunnel system leading into your home. The tunnels leading up to their food source are made of mud and may climb your foundation in order to create covered access to the wood in your house.

Formosan termites are a specific type of termite that are responsible for most of the termite damage in the US. Their homes are known as “dens” and are the largest of all termite dwellings in the country. They can build dens in the ground or cartons in the walls. Cartons consist of hollowed out beams in a structure made with a mix of soil, chewed wood and unchewed wood.

The less common drywood termites live in hardwood floors, walls and furniture. The damage they cause is hard to see until it is too late.

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