Wasps Can Be Anywhere

waspCTADid you know that a wasp’s stinger is uniquely designed to allow it to deal multiple stings?

Wasps are incredibly aggressive when their nests are disturbed. They can range from a simple nuisance during BBQs or a life threatening invader. If a person or animal is stung too many times, the situation can become deadly.

Wasps can infest your home and your yard. They build their nests in bushes, sidewalk cracks, porches and tree trunks and hover around your garbage or food and drinks you are trying to enjoy outside.

When wasps are found indoors, they are most likely living in a corner of the building or inside the staircase.

If a wasp infestation is discovered, it’s important to exterminate them as soon as possible to avoid multiple nests, especially if a family member is prone to allergies.

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