We’ll Help You Sell That Home!

real-estate-agentAre you a real estate agent looking to impress prospective home buyers? Have you reminded your clients that ISC Pest & Service Companies have been assisting you in home inspections and closings for more than 44 years?

ISC offers home buyers and sellers inspections, mold remediation, pest control, termite treatment, and many other useful services to help you sell your home quickly.

Call ISC at 434-295-6565 or visit us at IntrastateInc.com

At ISC Pest Control we start by giving you for a FREE CONSULTATION and inspection to determine the source and extent of any problems. After that, we can devise a plan that is specifically for you.

We are 100% committed to utilizing “green” techniques to control pests whenever it is possible.

If your home needs other updates or services, including mold removal, home additions, remodeling, plumbing and more, please visit our sister company, ISC or call them at 434-220-0415.